Student-Faculty Game Results

Monday afternoon we hosted our annual boys student-faculty basketball game. This year, the faculty team was victorious once again with the final score of faculty 51 and students 39.

Though the faculty was at times out of breath, they proved themselves to be a vicious five man wolfpack and put out a fantastic performance. Mr. Robinson was the lead scorer with an outstanding 18 points. Mr. Almeida followed with 14 points and Mr. Sofiane scored 10. Mr. Devine and Mr. Bologna completed the rest of the points of this triumphant squad of teachers!

On the boys side, Joe Amarone was the lead scorer with 7 points. Anthony MarkAnthony followed with 6 points while Chris Murzak and Jack Swierczynski tallied 5 points. The rest of the team all contributed to what was a very well fought battle. The boys showed that they are a very talented group.

The crowd was loud and encouraging and it was another fun filled afternoon. Great job to all the faculty and students that participated.

Gooooo Mustangs!!!

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