August 29, 2014

Moran’s Parent Coffees for the 2014 / 2015 School Year

2014-2015 Parent Coffee Meeting Dates

  • Please be in touch with Assistant Principal Julie Foss if you would like to present something at one of our coffees –


Month/Core Value Date/Time Tentative Agenda Items
Aug No meeting
Sept- Belonging, Community Involvement & Engagement Fri, 9/19, 8-9 am, LMC
  • Community Reps to present
  • SACs to present- curriculum, competencies, content-specific study skills & strategies
  • Communication tools/resources/ways to be involved available to parents (PS, website, blog, PTO/PTAC,etc.)
Oct- Health, Wellness & Safety, Integrity, Embracing Diversity Fri, 10/24, 8-9 am, LMC
  • Digital safety & responsibility
  • Safety Plan
  • School Climate Plan
Nov- Respect, Life-long Learning Fri, 11/21, 8-9 am, LMC
  • Naviance
  • How to help your child cope with stress & anxiety
  • Time Management 101
Dec No meeting
Jan- Life-long learning, Creativity Fri, 1/23, 8-9 am, LMC
  • Motivation and the middle level learner
  • Wallingford 100 Update
Feb- Personal Responsibility, Life-long Learning Fri, 2/27, 8-9 am, LMC
  • Course Planning
  • Financial Literacy
  • Transition to HS for 8th grade parents
Mar- Community Involvement & Engagement Fri, 3/20, 8-9 am, LMC
  • State Testing Information
  • Budget Phases & Information
Apr No meeting
May No meeting
Jun- Belonging, Community Involvement & Engagement Fri, 6/5, 8-9 am, LMC
  • Reflection
  • Input for next year
  • Summer resources
  • Student presentations



August 27, 2014

1st Day @ Moran….

To ease all of your worried minds, the first day has been fantastic so far.  So great to see all of the smiling faces, straight shoulders. and lots of “Good Mornings”!  We’re off to a great start!  Thank you .

Joe Piacentini

August 13, 2014

Student-Principal Advisory Council (SPAC) – Moran’s First…


Below is your first look at a new endeavor that I am trying this year.  It is an effort on my part to further connect with our students and give them a “louder” voice in our school community.  Please take a look and share.  There is more information to come.  Thanks.

James H. Moran Middle School (JHMMS)

Student-Principal Advisory Council (SPAC)



Leadership Skills: SPAC members work on developing leadership skills to make positive changes at the JHMMS community.



The Student-Principal Advisory Council is open to any interested student in grades 6-8 who display responsibility, dedication to school, and leadership qualities.  The SPAC meets on a monthly basis with the Principal in order to provide feedback, offer suggestions, receive information regarding upcoming events, discuss possible changes in school procedure and participate in a general conversation about education at the middle school level.

SPAC students are supportive of all school groups and activities.  They contribute by helping groups such as Student Council and the Friends of Rachel Club, working in collaboration with these organizations and promoting kindness amongst students.

The meetings are usually held during the school day in the library/media center.  Students are notified in advance of the meetings and may be permitted to miss class in order to attend.  Students are responsible to complete any assignments that they may miss due to attending the meetings.



Interested students will have to fill out an application/permission slip prior to attending any meetings.  Those forms will be made available on-line and in our main office.

August 12, 2014

Shameless plug for a non-Moran event … Wolcott Country Fair

As a member of the Wolcott Lion’s Club (a charitable organization), I would like to invite all of you to this weekend’s fair.  All proceeds benefit students and the town through various causes, such as high school scholarships.  It is a fun time.  Stop by to see Principal Piacentini at the Soda Booth.