November 23, 2015

Girls Basketball Team

Hello everyone-

The FINAL CUTS for the Moran Lady Mustangs Basketball Team were made last Friday. It was a very difficult tryout as there were many talented athletes to choose from. Please, if you see them in the hall or in one of your classes, congratulate them on making the team. The team roster is listed below.

8th Grade
Caroline Dighello
Crystal Gallagher
Sarina Kapoor
Madison Larkin
Macey Sundwall

7th Grade
Julianna Fazzino
Maddyson Horobin
Caitlyn Hunt
Hayleigh Lagase
Dempsey Lajoie
Mia Mills
Jocelyn Petrillo

6th Grade
Jayna MacKenzie
Sydney Rossacci
Molly Smolenski

The girls would like to extend an invitation to you to come and watch them play this season. Please see the attached schedule and try and make it to one of their games. You won’t be disappointed in the talent of the girls on this year’s team. We look forward to seeing you at a game. Enjoy your holiday break.


November 18, 2015

Boys Basketball Schedule

Moran Basketball 2015-16

Day Date Opponent Time Site

Fri Dec 18 Dodd 3:30 Moran

Mon Dec 21 Washington 3:30 Moran

Mon Jan 11 Lincoln 3:30 Away

Wed Jan 13 DePaolo 3:30 Away

Fri Jan 15 Dag 3:30 Away

Fri Jan 22 Dodd 3:30 Away

Mon Jan 25 Kennedy 3:30 Moran

Wed Jan 27 Washington 3:30 Away

Fri Jan 29 Lincoln 3:30 Moran

Fri Feb 5 Wilson Inv TBD Away
Mon Feb 8 Dag 3:30 Moran

Revised 10/16/15

November 18, 2015

Girls Basketball Schedule

Moran Basketball 2015-16

Day Date Opponent Time Site

Fri. Dec. 18 Dodd 3:30 Away

Mon. Dec. 21 Washington 3:30 Away

Mon Jan. 11 Lincoln 3:30 Moran

Fri. Jan. 15 Dag 3:30 Moran

Tue Jan. 19 Lincoln 3:30 Away

Fri. Jan. 22 Dodd 3:30 Moran

Mon Jan. 25 Kennedy 3:30 Away

Wed Jan. 27 Washington . 3:30 Moran

Mon Feb 01 DePaolo 3:30 Moran

Fri Feb. 05 Wilson Inv TBD Away

Mon Feb. 08 DAG 3:30 Away

Revised 11/12/15 DN

November 18, 2015

Parent Coffee Hour

Dear Parents/Guardians,
This is a friendly reminder that we will be holding our November Parent Coffee this Friday, November 17th from 8-9 am in the Library Media Center. Our Subject Area Coordinators are planning to present on some of the instructional areas of focus for students at Moran this year. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions and younger children are welcome. We look forward to seeing you for coffee and community on Friday.

Moran Administration

November 17, 2015

Yearbook Orders

Order a 2015-2016 Yearbook online and preserve the memories.
If you have not yet ordered a yearbook, the Moran yearbook is now on sale for the lowest price of the year. Order between now and December 18th and save $5.00, the price of a yearbook is now only $27.00. Order online at Please do not send monies or orders to Moran, you can only order online at this time. Don’t let your student miss out on sharing and reliving the big events that will make this year special! Order a yearbook today.

November 17, 2015

Boys Basketball Team

After a grueling week of tryouts, and very, very difficult decisions… congratulations to the:

2015-2016 Boys Moran Middle School Basketball Team

Kyle Barth
Tyler Carmen
Derek Van Steenburgh
Xavier Jagrosse
Zach Fazzino
Adam Leon
Garrett Molampy
Stan Franzik
Joe Scala
Dan Hagar-Barbary
Garrett Harrison
Jack McDonnell
Tim Body
Zach Zubeckis
Jaidin Kapoor

November 10, 2015

American Education Week

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Next week, November 16-20 is American Education Week. We invite you to attend class with your student as you wish or are able as a means of gaining a further appreciation for your students’ middle school experience. If you plan to join us, please contact main office secretary Kathy Martin at (203) 741-2900. We hope to see you at Moran!
Additionally, Friday, November 20th from 8-9 am is our November Parent Coffee. We welcome your feedback and the opportunity to share some of the things we are working on instructionally this year at Moran. Younger children are welcome. Please join us for coffee and community on the 20th!

Moran Administration

November 10, 2015

Cross Country Results

On Saturday the girls and boys’ cross-country teams competed in the 23rd annual Middle School State Championships.

Girls’ Results:
The 7 girls that represented Moran in the “A-Race” were composed of two 7th graders and five 6th graders. They were: Elizabeth Brown, Arianna Amodio, Paige Johnson, Karly Martino, Amelia Mansfield, Leila Sofiane, and Gretchen Seibt. The length of the course was 2.3 miles long. Elizabeth Brown finished 8th out of 382 runners with a time of 14 minutes and 47 seconds. The girls’ team finished 24th out of 51 teams. Other notable runners in the girls’ “B-Race” were: Rylee Massoni, Kaitlyn Morrill, Alyssa Werdann, Nami Bolat and Sydney Rossacci.

The girls’ finished their regular season with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses.

Boys’ Results:
The 7 boys that represented Moran in the “A-Race” were composed of five 8th graders and two 6th graders. They were Tyler Jasinski, Tyler Carmen, Jacob Bielesz, Eamon Burke, Anthony DeFilio, Travis Christopher, and Derrick Arnold. The Boys’ team finished right in the middle of the pack in 29th place out of 58 schools.

The boys’ team finished their regular season with a record of 1 win and 5 losses.