May 16, 2017

Boy’s Baseball Results

The Moran Mustangs won 19 to 1 over Washington Middle. Up 2 to 1 Moran went on an offensive attack putting up big hits and defensively shut down Washington as Zach Blest pitched flawless baseball. Luis DeJesus came in to start the fifth and record 6 strikeouts, adding 5 RBIs to his impressive day. UP next: Kennedy this Thursday.

May 12, 2017

Girl’s Track & Field Results

Girls’ Track Team Results:
Yesterday the girls’ Track & Field team suffered their first loss of the season to McGee MS of Berlin in a very close meet, by the score of 37-45.

Athletes placing in the top 3 in their event were:

1600 meters
Elisabeth Brown – 2nd

100 meters
Amelia Mansfield – 1st
Maddy Grant – 3rd

400 meters
Avery Winters – 1st

800 meters
Elisabeth Brown – 2nd

200 meters
​Avery Winters – 1st
Samantha Barone – 3rd

​Long Jump
Amelia Mansfield – 2nd

Katie Webb – 2nd

Shot Put
Katie Webb – 2nd​

The girls’ record is now 5 wins with only 1 loss.

The next meet for both the girls’ and boys’ Track & Field teams is this Tuesday against cross-town rival Dag Hammarskjold.


May 12, 2017

Boy’s Track & Field Results

Yesterday the boys’ Track & Field teams competed against McGee MS of Berlin in an exciting and very close meet

Boys’ Track Team Results:
The boys’ team suffered their second loss of the season this time to McGee MS by a very close score of 39-43.

Athletes placing in the top 3 in their event were:

1600 meters
Eamon Burke – 2nd

100 meters
Ryan Villano – 1st

400 meters
Luke Rutkowski – 1st
Zachary Kremzar – 3rd

800 meters
Eamon Burke 2nd
Kennedy Clave 3rd

200 meters
​Ryan Villano – 1st
Zachary Kremzar 3rd

​Long Jump
Luke Rutkowski – 2nd

Travis Karosi – 3rd

Shot Put
Dennis Brunelle – 3rd​

The boys record is now 4 wins with 2 losses.

May 11, 2017

Girl’s Softball Results

Moran 20 Dag

Great game! Dag took a little lead in the first two innings 6-0. We battled back and Alexandra Tenero pitched a great game. Put up 20 unanswered runs.

Honorable mention:
Colleen Kelly 5-5, 4 single and a double
Mia Ferry 2-6, Home run and double
Bella Blasi 2-4, 2 walks home run and triple.
Alexandra Tenero pitched a complete game with 11 strike outs
2-2 record now

May 11, 2017

Boy’s Baseball Results

The Moran Mustangs won 3 to 2 in the 16th innings against cross town rival Dag. Down 1 to 0 Nick Iannone took the mound and battled the Mustangs back into the 6th inning taking the lead 2 to 1. DAG tied it up 2 and 2. Defensively Chris Murzak was a solid wall at second base, making outstanding plays throwing out a Dag runner in the 12th to keep the game tied. Luis DeJesus once again shut down any ball to the outfield, hitting the cut on 2 game-saving plays to home to keep the game locked up as Billy Gorry defended home plate on 4 attempts from Dag. Nathaniel Emerton came in for relief shutting down the Dag offense to earn the win as Jay Villano was the hero, ripping a double down the line scoring John COTTER. Let’s go Mustangs!!!!!

May 5, 2017

Track & Field Results

Moran track and field teams both had a big win against Wilson Middle School yesterday at the Sheehan track. The girls remain undefeated and the boys team is 3-1.
1st place finishers include:
Amelia Mansfield
Luke Rutkowski
Katie Webb
Lizzie Brown
Eamon Burke
Avery Winters
Ryan Villano

May 3, 2017

Girl’s Softball Results

Won 10-4 over Washington Middle School.

Great game, hit well the first 4 innings. Mia Ferry pitched a fantastic game. Keera Reed Played an awesome CF. Had the lead the whole game and we played great defense.

Mia Ferry
1 for 2 with 2 walks. Pitched 7 innings with 10 strike outs.

Alexandra Tenero
3 for 4 with 2 singles and a triple

Jessica Davies
1 for 4 with a 3 run homerun and 4 total runs batted in!

Thanks again
Coach Frank

May 3, 2017

Boy’s Baseball Results

The Moran Mustangs won 9 to 4 over Washington yesterday as Moran got back to playing the game they know best. They looked solid from start to finish behind Nathaniel Emerton. 5 strong innings on the mound as Nick Iannone came in to shut down the Washington offensive. Defensively Luis DeJesus shut down Washington in the outfield making big plays all game. Offensively big hits came from Zach Blest, Nate Ceresale, Billy Gorry and Jay Villano. EXTREMELY PROUD. GO MUSTANGS!!!!!

May 2, 2017

Track & Field Results

Yesterday the girl’s and boy’s track and field teams competed in a tri-meet against Dodd MS of Cheshire and Dag Hammarskjold of Wallingford.

Boys Results:
The boys team won against cross-town rival Dag MS and lost to Dodd MS. First place finishers in the meet were:
Eamon Burke in the 1600 meters
Luke Rutkowski in the 400 meters
Ryan Villano in both the 100 and 200 meter events

Other notable athletes that finished in the top 3 places in the meet were Kennedy Clave and Jelan Kollie.

The boys’ record is now 3 wins and 1 loss.

Girls Results:
The girls team continues to dominate their opponents and remain undefeated as they beat both Dodd of Cheshire and Dag of Wallingford.
First place finishers in the meet were:
​Elisabeth Brown in the 1600 and 800 meter events
Avery Winters in the 100 and 200 meter events​
Clarisse Aminawung in the Long Jump

Other notable athletes that finished in the top 3 places in the meet were Paige Johnson, Allison Villano, Olivia Balsamo, and Amelia Mansfield.

The girls’ team remains undefeated with a record of 4 wins and no losses.

Congratulations to both teams on a great meet. The next meet for both teams is this Thursday, home, against Woodrow Wilson MS of Middletown. Good Luck and GO MUSTANGS!!!!