February 10, 2016

Team Eagles Update

1) The Moran Student Government is collecting usable Winter clothing of any size. The clothes will be taken to Master’s Manna and be distributed to those in need throughout Wallingford. So please check the closets and the back of the drawers for usable sweatshirts, hats, gloves, pants, jackets or any Winter or warm clothing items. Students can just bring them to school and place them in the team donation box. The clothing drive lasts until February 12th.

2) Throughout the year students have had many opportunities to participate in community service projects. Students have sponsored a poor child in Ethiopia, written letters to U.S. service personnel, made get well cards for children in the hospital, brought in food for a food drive and now a Winter clothing drive. I just wanted to take a moment and say how proud I am of the students who chose to participate and to thank them and their families for supporting these worthy endeavors!

3) Don’t forget…The Team Expo will be February 18th from 2:45pm to 3:45pm! The expo is not any additional work for students, rather a time for them to show off something they have learned and to be praised for their efforts. Today was supposed to be the last day for students to return a permission slip allowing them to participate in the event. Since today is a snow day, students may return their slip on Monday. If they lost their permission slip, students can create their own slip as long as it has the following: The date and time of the Expo, a short note indicating parental permission to stay, a parent signature and a sentence indicating if they will go home with a parent or take the late bus home after the event. All the teachers hope every student chooses to receive the praise they deserve and participates in the event and we hope to welcome every parent and the entire Wallingford community to see how great these students really are!

4) In Social Studies students are learning about the three main religions of the Middle East and how they have affected the history of the area. Students will have a quiz on Tuesday. The quiz is based on the notes students received this week.

5) In Spanish, students are continuing their studies of the irregular verb “estar,” prepositional phrases and “classroom objects.” The next weekly assessment will be on Feb. 11. Following students will start preparing for their mid-year performance task on Feb. 16 & 17. Students will receive information on the task on the 11th.

6) Next week in ELA class, students will begin a Performance Task. Students will be writing an argumentative news article about the impact of social media on teens and pre-teens

7) Parents are strongly encouraged to review the team calendar to keep updated on due dates and team and school events. Also, please feel free to contact a team teacher whenever a question or concern arises.

8) Finally, I want to thank all the parents who sent me replies to emails to support part of my teacher evaluation. That part of my evaluation is over and you no longer have to send a reply (always feel free if you have a question or comment!) Again, you don’t need to send a reply and thank you for your past help and support.

I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys the beautiful Winter weather!

Mr. Schweighoffer