February 3, 2016

Team 6-1 News

This week in science, Team 6-1 students had the pleasure of having Mrs. Wang (Michael’s mom) come into our 5 classes and talk about her career as a chemist at Bristol Myers Squibb. This was a great way to end our Matter unit. We learned so much from her interesting Power Point presentation and enjoyed using the pH paper and the 5 different solutions (green tea, apple juice, 409, vinegar, and baking soda/water) to try and determine whether each solution was an acid or base. Thank you again Yinzi for coming!

Also this week, students worked on a STEM activity. Using the Engineering Design Process form I distributed, students worked in small groups to create a 1-2 foot tower, strong enough to support our stuffed Husky dog mascot. They were allowed to use 100 index cards, 1 foot of scotch tape, 1 ruler and 1 pair of scissors to complete their task. They worked very hard and there were many successes. Attached please find a few pictures from this week.

Finally, this week students also took a pre-assessment for our upcoming unit-Weather/Climate. Next week I will distribute a textbook to each student to use each day in class. These books must get covered with either a store-bought or brown paper bag cover, to help them stay in good condition.
picture power tower11

October 27, 2015

Huskies Wear Pink

Team 6-1 (Huskies) are wearing pink on Thursday, October 29th in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Teachers will donate to the Cancer Society for every student that wears pink.