April 22, 2016

World Language Summer Camp


Wallingford World Languages Summer Camp offers creative and fun lessons in French, Spanish, Italian and (possibly) Chinese for children completing grades 3 – 8.
This year’s program will take place July 5 – 22 in the morning.
The camp is sponsored by the Wallingford Board of Education and is tuition free!
More information will be coming soon from your child’s World Language teacher. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Corinne Chace at cchace203@aol.com.

February 11, 2016

Nutrition & Wellness

Ms.Dysinger- Family & Consumer Science- Nutrition & Wellness

Students in Ms. Dysinger’s 6thGrade Nutrition & Wellness classes practice their introductory measuring and healthy food preparation skills. They learn that a healthy lifestyle is an integral and necessary life skill. They prepare breakfast foods such as muffins, smoothies, and pancakes etc. To enhance their learning, all FCS students have the opportunity to measure and prepare food at home for their families.

In the 7th Grade Nutrition & Wellness class, students further their measuring and food preparation skills by preparing healthy baked good items such as Gingerbread, Apple Crisp and Whole Wheat Pizza. They become educated shopping consumers traveling through the FCS supermarket selecting healthy foods and reading food labels. They learn the gimmicks of being an informed consumer and learn to spend their money wisely.

In the 8th Grade Nutrition & Wellness class, students travel the world preparing dishes with an International flair. Pasta, Crepes, and Latkes are among a few of the items that are prepared in class. . The students also participate in a Heritage Project that integrates their family’s cultural heritage with a food and PowerPoint presentation.

February 11, 2016

Health Education

Scott Robinson Health Education grades 6-8

6th graders: The sixth grade classes are engaged in learning the effects of tobacco use on the body. They are learning not only about the effects of cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars, but the effects of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes were developed to aid smokers in quitting the habit, but their use among the youth population has increased dramatically over the past few years. Students are provided with reliable information, and given the opportunity to reflect on their personal values and beliefs, which will shape their decisions in the future.

7th grade: The seventh grade classes are engaged in learning about the importance of healthy relationships. Topics include communication, cooperative activities (the alaskan pipeline) developing a healthy body image, and the signs and symptoms of depression. Seventh graders are encouraged to start to “find their own voice” and are given opportunities to reflect on the person they are now, and who they want to be.

8th grade: The eighth grade classes are engaged in learning about drug use prevention. The main focus in this unit is to find a “Natural High”, which is any activity artform, or sport that a person loves to do and makes them feel good. It does not involve drugs or alcohol. Students are at a pivotal point in their lives, the influences from others, friends, family and the media can have a lasting impact on the future adult they will become. Students are learning factual information about the effects of drugs like alcohol, tobacco/electronic cigarettes, and marijuana. Students are encouraged to identify what their own values are in relation to substance abuse.

February 11, 2016

Family & Consumer Science

Mrs. Kania’s 6th grade Family and Consumer Science classes are busy learning the necessary tools for hand and machine sewing. Knowing how to sew on a button is a life skill all students will accomplish as well as becoming comfortable with some basic stitches. Working at the sewing machine is always fun. Students will study the parts and operation for safe use. Mastering straight evenly spaced seams will ensure a strong, neat and attractive webbed handle tote bag. Many students can be seen using their colorful projects around the building.

7th grade classes are studying Parenting and using “Egg Babies” for simulation. Parental responsibilities, cost of raising a child the first year, the importance of play/toys, preventing child abuse and The Period of Purple Crying are the many topics we discuss. A unit on Finance is also covered. Students learn the difference between credit cards and debit cards, how to borrow the C.C.’s money for free and protecting one’s own personal identity. Income, expenses, interest, savings, layaway plan, and warranty are some of the many terms this unit exposes the students to. Setting up a budget is always challenging.

8th grade Interior Decorating classes are learning about Elements and Principles of Design and how they pertain to decorating a room. Color, color,color is so important in this field and we will be reviewing/studying complementary, neutral, analogous and monochromatic colors schemes. Drawing floor plans to scale and deciding where to put the various requirements is always fun and creative. Arranging furniture for a workable traffic pattern can be challenging. Using one’s math skills and the formula for area is necessary when calculating the amount of paint to purchase for a given room. Students will also create a Design Board, which is used to sell their decorating ideas to a potential customer. The last project is to make a French memo board for holding photos or memorabilia without tacks.

January 21, 2016

Unity Conversation Starter

Some parents of grade 7 Art students are going to see some pretty crazy (colorful and abstract) art work coming home. First let me say, if it makes it home they are probably pretty proud of it. So before you get out those refrigerator magnets and accidently hang it upside down it might be a good time to learn to talk about art. Keep in mind that Art is a pretty open ended subject so “open ended questions” are perfect. Here are some suggestions:

What was your assignment? (to create Unity, a Pattern depending on the assignment).
How did you start?
Why did you… use these colors, choose those shapes, make those lines…
What materials did you use to make this?
What is your favorite part? Would you change anything?
What part of the work turned out just the way that you planned? Did you know it was going to look like this or were you surprised?
…is this the top?? – just kidding –

January 5, 2016

Grade 6 Conversation Starter

Grade 6 students in Mrs. Bialczak’s Art Elements 1 are glazing their forms – otherwise known as their fish. Hopefully they know that their fish are forms since there have been various discussions about the third dimension – you know, the one that changes shapes into forms. If they don’t know (or if you don’t know) maybe you could help each other out with an “in depth” discussion… ha ha! get it??… depth??

January 5, 2016

Yearbook Photos Needed

Got a great PHOTO? Get it in the yearbook with ReplayIt

ReplayIt is a free photo-sharing app for school communities. While
our yearbook staff photographers do a great job of covering events and
activities, it isn’t humanly possible for them to be everywhere all
the time. ReplayIt is like having hundreds of photographers. All
photographs are greatly appreciated. Currently, we are short on
pictures of Girls Basketball and 8th grade candids. Share your best
and see the rest on ReplayIt!

January 5, 2016

Art Department Supply Requests

The art department is looking for jigsaw puzzles! We would even love ones with missing pieces, extra pieces or even some with pieces that do not belong. Actually, we are really just looking for the pieces and we are not fussy. We will be reassembling them in a three dimensional format so this would be a permanent donation!

Art room 225 is also looking for the cardboard “spools” that all of that holiday/birthday ribbon arrives on. We aren’t asking for the ribbon, although we’ll happily take that too, just the empty cardboard spool that it was wrapped around.