German – American Exchange Program

Two years ago 15 German students and their teachers visited our Moran/Sheehan school communities. That initial visit has generated a lot of excitement and interest in the exchange program among Moran students. Last year 14 Wallingford students traveled to visit our exchange partners in Germany and had a wonderful experience.
Last week Mr. Fleischmann gave a brief presentation to all 8th graders and provided application forms to students who indicated interest in hosting a student from Germany this year.
The following information is for 8th grade parents whose child is interested in hosting a student visiting from Germany this May.

Planned arrival date is May 21st and departure is planned for June 4th
The visiting students will be staying at your home and attend school
There are several trips planned during their stay (New York, Boston etc.)
Early applications will be given preference
Students are not obligated to take German next year or to travel to Germany next year

We are looking for up to 15 host families at Moran. This will be an incredible opportunity for our students to make new friends and potentially travel to Germany in 2018.
If you are interested in becoming a host family and your child did not get an application please contact Mr. Andreson at Moran or Mr. Fleischmann at Sheehan.

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